E-Xpert pro



General technical data

Supply voltage range9..35VDC (18..70VDC for 'hv' version)
Input voltage range (main battery)0..35VDC (0..70VDC for 'hv' version)
nput voltage range (auxiliary battery)2..35VDC
Input current range-9999..+9999A
Battery capacity range20..9990Ah
Operating temperature range-20..50°C
Readout resolution
Voltage (0..35V)± 0.01V
current (0..200A)± 0.1A
current (200..9999A)± 1A
amphours (0..200Ah)± 0.1Ah
amphours (200..9990Ah)± 1Ah
state-of-charge (0..100%)± 0.1%
time-to-go (0..100hrs)± 1minute
time-to-go (100..240hrs)± 1hr
temperature (-20..50°C)± 0.5°C
Front panelø64mm
Body diameterø52mm
Total depth79mm

The e-xpert lite selectively displays battery voltage, charge- and discharge current, consumed amphours and remaining battery capacity. Using a large clear backlit LC Display and an intuitive user interface, all parameters can be recalled with just a button press.

The basic e-xpert lite is the perfect instrument for users that are only focussed on accurate state of charge readout and easy setup. Although the e-xpert lite has less features than the e-xpert pro, it still does contain the very accurate measurement and calculation systems of the e-xpert pro. The e-xpert lite's direct parameter access will be appreciated by the less technical users.

The potential free alarm relay enables you to run a generator when needed or to turn off devices when the battery voltage exceeds programmable boundaries.

The e-xpert lite is easy to install and operate and comes standard with a high precision 500 Amp shunt and a very clear installation and operating instruction manual.

With TBS "Dashboard" Windows software, the e-xpert pro (and "501") can be controlled in every aspect. You can setup your e-xpert pro, read all stored history events, put the e-xpert pro in Superlock mode and last but not least use your PC as a datarecorder to record all available parameters. Unlike the older Expertlink software, TBS Dashboard allows you to connect multiple battery monitors at the same time. The number of connected battery monitors is just limited by the number of USB and/or RS232 ports on your PC. TBS Dashboard software is available for Windows XP and Vista.

TBS "Dashboard" will become our general configuration, readout and service tool for all other TBSLink compatible equipment as well. This way you can supervise your complete TBS electronics energy system, containing for example a battery monitor, battery charger and inverter on a single screen. Watch future updates for additional Dashboard features and capabilities.